About Us

Experience the transformative power of innovation and seamless solutions with dynamics. Our journey doesn’t end with the delivery of a solution.

Our Story

BillionApps is a trusted technology service company with over 15 years of experience and expertise serving EdTech and MarTech companies across the USA, with software, mobile, and web development projects.


It is through our pillars of Transparency, Technology, and Transformation that we have acquired the trust of a wide range of clients.

Our Core Values

BillionApps functions on tech expertise but most importantly, our core values.

BillionApps is the result of an amalgamation of; Technology, Communication, Dependability, Trust, Speed, Expertise, and Experience.


We care about your long-term goals and immediate needs. We believe that our success is 3 fold; involving their clients, their customers, and the communities influenced by them.

Problem Solving

Our Tech experts utilize their core problem solving skills ensuring that the final product targets your issues. We approach every project with a friendly and collaborative attitude.


Compassion is one of the most important core values at BillionApps because the end product involves paying attention towards the feelings of the customer.


Integrity is imperative in all aspects of life and technology practices at BillionApps are no exception.


Diversity, equity and inclusivity are important initiatives at BillionApps. Inclusivity in technology enables clients to make use of our end products in diverse.

Faces of BillionApps

While core values and leveraging technology are important for any tech and software development company, it is our efficient team that is the driving force behind the success of BillionApps.


The BillionApps team comprises of technology specialists and leaders who are well-versed with the know-how’s of everything technology and software.

Meet Our Expert Team


Ken Nesamani

CEO & Director


Ramesh Nagarajan

Operations Manager


Harshada Naik

People & Brand Manager


Rani Mohan

Accounts Manager


Aarthi T

Client Relationship Manager


Govindasamy S

Project & Client Relationship Manager


Merlin Jose

Project & Client Relationship Manager


Ronak Macwan

Project & Client Relationship Manager


Jagadeshan Ravi

Project & Client Relationship Manager