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Our team designs and delivers innovative applications by leveraging our experience, skills, and processes. We have gained deep industry-insights by working with a variety of domains, and we bring this knowledge to ensure that you meet your core objectives. Our technical expertise ensures that the team can tackle any challenge to provide you with a quality solution.

  • Broad industry and technology experience

  • Transparent collaboration & project management processes

  • Architecture based on sound design principles

  • Focus on balanced interaction design and aesthetics


What We Do


  • Cross-platform development & deployment support

  • Enables efficient rendering of pages

  • Built-in features for protection against security challenges

  • Tremendous community support and availability of resources and libraries

A free and open-source development platform, PHP has been a choice of a large number of organizations and development teams. PHP has powered many mission-critical applications by facilitating fast, secure, and reliable development. We at BillionApps have unparalleled expertise on PHP, be it Core PHP development or PHP frameworks like Zend, Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and Laravel.


  • Enables reuse of code, thus reducing the delivery timelines

  • Excellent support for Service-oriented architecture

  • Supported by Microsoft and a massive community of developers

  • A feature-rich framework to handle a variety of scenarios

A powerful, open-source, multi-purpose, and cross-platform development platform from Microsoft provided a compelling alternative to Java. .NET makes development possible using multiple languages, so developers with a variety of previous experience can quickly adapt to development in .NET. Our team has excellent command over .NET development, including C#, the efficient Object-Oriented programming language, and ASP.Net, the web development framework.


  • Component-based architecture improves both the development pipeline and application reliability

  • Facilities design and development of cleanly coded applications

  • Supports advanced features for data binding, deep linking, dependency injections, and services

  • Support unit testing to improve quality

The leading framework for developing Single Page Applications (SPA), AngularJS from Google, captured the imagination of a large section of developers across the world. In the second version onwards, the Angular introduced component-based architecture to boost developer productivity and application efficiency. In-built and efficient support for Dependency Injection, Routing, and other technical features required for the modern-day web application, means Angular is the leading choice of developers for web applications.


  • Cross-platform, open-source and free

  • Availability of a vast number of libraries for a variety of needs

  • Highly efficient execution, less learning curve, and quicker development

  • Extensible, and Embeddable, making it an ideal choice of modern-day requirements like IoT

Python has become the language of choice for today’s Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. But it has a rich history. Many consider it to be the most developer-friendly language, which facilitated code reusability and allowed developers to write programs in fewer lines of code than even Java, C++, and C.First released in 1991; it has since then inspired many other languages including Ruby and CoffeeScript.


  • Efficient design for dynamic and responsive rendering and reacting to user inputs

  • Uni-directional data flow makes the applications stable

  • Support for Redux reduces code complexities and size

  • Wide React and Redux toolset

Another component-based web development framework, ReactJS, is maintained and supported by Facebook. React framework mixes HTML tags and JavaScript effectively, so the DOM interactions are efficient. It quickly gained popularity and today competes with Angular when it comes to developer adoption.


  • A massive library of themes, templates, and plugins enables WordPress to be adopted to almost any situation

  • A vast community of developers and designer can extend both the functions & the presentation to suit any needs

  • Highly customizable architecture, with a vast number of hosting providers

  • Cost-effective, SEO-ready, and mobile-friendly

Perhaps the most popular CMS, WordPress powers the most significant share of the web globally. Developed on PHP, it is an extensible framework, which is used even by some big organizations. Originally started as a blog publishing platform, it caters to a wide variety of requirements today.


  • Faster response due to built-in caching

  • Boasts of a rich set of modules to extend the default implementation

  • Rich set of pre-built components

  • Enhanced security and robustness

BillionApps has proven experience in developing, maintaining, and customizing Drupal apps. Our team provides development services for complex and customized web applications using Drupal. As a platform, Drupal has been leveraged by Governments, Enterprises, Media houses, and Small and Medium businesses.


  • More natural development means faster and cost-effective delivery

  • Powerful extensions allow you to adapt Joomla to your business needs

  • An active community supports learning

  • Powerful, default administrative functions

Another CMS built on top of PHP, Joomla offers a more straightforward development path. With built-in upgrade paths, maintaining a Joomla implementation takes fewer efforts. Powerful, out-of-the-box search capabilities enable clients to optimize their search-related use cases.


  • Offers a rapid development environment

  • A strict security approach to deal effectively with threats

  • Easy to integrate with third-party tools

  • Integrated A/B testing framework provides you with possibilities of useful user feedback

Developed in Python, Wagtail is seeing increasing developer interests. The CMS boasts companies like Google, Nasa, and the British NHS among their users. A strict release cycle of two months means the issues are resolved faster, and loopholes are regularly plugged-in.


  • Boasts of a massive eco-system suitable for modern development, including serverless or micro-services architectures

  • Has a vast, active, and supportive community

  • Has out-of-the-box support for many standard requirements of today’s applications, including an authentication system, routing, authentication, sessions, caching, and ORM

  • Support automated testing to ensure excellent code quality

Laravel is a web application framework built using PHP and has been used extensively for modern web applications. Laravel is trusted by a large number of companies and developers to build scalable web solutions. BillionApps team has already utilized the power of Laravel to build custom solutions for a variety of clients.