Web Development

The web has undergone a tremendous transformation from the early days static sites to today's highly capable applications hiding intricate complexities behind delightful designs. The HTML transformed to provide more semantical support to the web pages. The Javascript adapted to frameworks that make client development much less clunky and complicated while enhancing maintainability, security, and performance.

The team at BillionApps has carefully understood what it takes to build web sites and applications for modern-day businesses by learning lessons from this transition. We have mastered the technologies that power today's web and utilized that mastery to deliver excellent web applications for a variety of scenarios and clients.

  • Corporate as well as consumer websites

  • Web applications

  • eCommerce applications

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), with the mobile-first approach


What We Do

Web Designing

  • Responsive designs with a mobile-first approach

  • Propagates the values that your brand stands for

  • Distinctive, yet usable

  • Built with love, care, and sound design principles

Sound design principles and interaction design characterize today’s web. It is a combination of aesthetics, usability, and responsiveness. The designs today are not only utilitarian but also aspirational. BillionApps gives shape and colors to your ideas and envisages a web interface that users find a delight to interact with. We understand the needs of today’s users, and hence our mobile-first approach ensures that the designs we produce are equally effective on any form factor.

Web Development

  • Cross-browser website and application

  • Custom applications development

  • Enterprise web development

  • CMS development

Due to the breadth of our technology expertise, we leverage the right tools and platforms to build web applications that perform optimally no matter what the load is, are scalable, and easy to maintain and modify. We architect our applications on sound principles and develop with clean coding practices. With our unwavering focus on quality, our clients can concentrate on their business without worrying about their data and processes.


  • Experience in all leading eCommerce solutions (Shopify, Woocommerce, Wagtail, and others)

  • Proven capabilities to develop custom eCommerce solutions

  • Developed web as well as mobile shopping experiences

  • Experts in integrations with other applications, payment gateways, and third-party APIs

BillionApps specializes in developing strategic customer-centric shopping solutions that deliver measurable business results. Our eCommerce consultants help clients build engaging digital experiences for shoppers and consumers. Our team has extensive experience with tailoring eCommerce solutions or developing custom online shopping solutions from scratch. As a leading eCommerce development solutions provider, we have the experience and the expertise required to deliver a full range of eCommerce services.