Expert Web
Development Services
In New York

The web has undergone a tremendous transformation from the early days static sites to today's highly capable applications hiding intricate complexities behind delightful designs. The HTML transformed to provide more semantical support to the web pages. The Javascript adapted to frameworks that make client development much less clunky and complicated while enhancing maintainability, security, and performance.

The team at BillionApps has carefully understood what it takes to build web sites and applications for modern-day businesses by learning lessons from this transition. We have mastered the technologies that power today's web and utilized that mastery to deliver excellent web applications for a variety of scenarios and clients.

  • Corporate as well as consumer websites

  • Web applications

  • eCommerce applications

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), with the mobile-first approach


Our Web Development Services Expertise

FrontEnd BackEnd Database Content Management Systems eCommerce
ReactJS Python MySql WordPress WooCommerce
HTML/CSS/JavaScript PHP PostgreSQL Drupal Shopify
Laravel, Codeigniter Node.js MongoDB Joomla N/A
Bootstrap N/A MS Sql Server N/A N/A
Responsive Web Development, Prgressive Web Applications (PWA) N/A N/A N/A N/A

Web Development Service In New York That Helps Your Operations

We talked about web development services from a clients perspective. However, the power of the web doesn’t stop there. You can leverage this power to streamline your internal operations and strengthen your processes. You can use our web development services to power your data capture, processing, reporting, and analytics. We can develop web applications for you that help you automate your internal processes. From human resources to manufacturing to delivery and distribution, the power of web development can bring unparalleled benefits to your operations. Efficient operations help you transform your business to achieve unprecedented growth. We have been helping organizations do just that through our web development services. If you are a business in or around New York, we are here for you. Let’s discuss what we can achieve together.

We, at BillionApps, have been a leading provider of web development services in New York for over a decade. We would love to discuss your project with you.