Leverage technology
for strategic

Through transparent and quick service delivery

Our team designs and delivers innovative applications by leveraging our experience, skills, and processes. We have gained deep industry-insights by working with a variety of domains, and we bring this knowledge to ensure that you meet your core objectives. Our technical expertise ensures that the team can tackle any challenge to provide you with a quality solution.

  • Broad industry and technology experience

  • Transparent collaboration & project management processes

  • Architecture based on sound design principles

  • Focus on balanced interaction design and aesthetics


What We Do

Web Development

  • Corporate as well as consumer websites

  • Web applications

  • eCommerce applications

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), with the mobile-first approach

The web has undergone a tremendous transformation from the early days static sites to today's highly capable applications hiding intricate complexities behind delightful designs. The HTML transformed to provide more semantical support to the web pages. The Javascript adapted to frameworks that make client development much less clunky and complicated while enhancing maintainability, security, and performance.

The team at BillionApps has carefully understood what it takes to build web sites and applications for modern-day businesses by learning lessons from this transition. We have mastered the technologies that power today's web and utilized that mastery to deliver excellent web applications for a variety of scenarios and clients.

Mobile Development

  • Native iOS apps

  • Native Android apps

  • Hybrid Mobile Apps

  • Enterprise and Consumer Mobile Apps

Mobile applications have opened up a world of possibilities for organizations as well as individuals. On one hand, the workforce is rapidly growing mobile and remote work is becoming prevalent, mobile apps can help you support your workforce from a distance, and increase their productivity while reducing your costs. On the other hand, consumers love the ease and availability of information and touch-points made possible by mobile applications.

BillionApps, with extensive experience in creating high-quality, native & hybrid mobile applications have built mobile apps to support mission-critical initiatives and digital transformation of your processes. We provide secure, scalable and sustainable app development services to our clients.

Cloud Computing

  • Public as well as private clouds

  • Cloud implementation & migration

  • Cloud maintenance and support

  • DevOps

Rising business complexities, increasing reliance on technology, and complex technology infrastructure meant that businesses had to spend extra efforts and money behind ensuring smooth operations. Cloud computing, with pay-as-you-go models that help you control your costs better, and easier scalability and availability options, meant growing adoptions. Market leaders are basing their strategies with Cloud computing featuring prominently as a critical component.

BillionApps has extensive Cloud Computing capabilities to develop robust Cloud solutions for your needs. We develop SaaS applications that ensure availability, performance, and scalability. We guide you to adopt the Cloud Computing components as part of your infrastructure with extreme ease. We also help you adopt DevOps practices and solutions to ensure your deliveries are executed perfectly in sync with your strategy.

Staff Augmentation Services

  • Single or a few specialized developer/s

  • An entire team which works under your supervision

  • Cloud, Web or mobile resources

  • Quickly scalable, yet flexible engagement models

BillionApps provide staff augmentation services that offer you unique opportunities to make use of utilizing expert talent cost-effectively. Our flexible engagement models allow gaining a competitive advantage strategically. These models bring stability to your projects while still giving you the flexibility to scale as required.

With our staff augmentation services, we can quickly step in to support your efforts. Multiple engagement models, from inducting single or a few developers on specific technologies, to delivering entire projects, you can choose the best path for you. You have the flexibility and control both with our services.

Marketing Technology Support

  • Salesforce, Marketo, and other leading solutions

  • Comprehensive campaign management

  • Effective landing pages for lead capture

  • Integrations and customer solutions

With our marketing technology support services, we help our clients maximize the output from marketing automation efforts and cross-channel campaigns. We help to choose and build the right solutions for your marketing needs and help integrate these solutions with other off-the-shelf applications. We help clients with strategic marketing technology recommendations.

Our consultant has the expertise to make your customer outreach efforts simpler, efficient, and productive. We support your growth through the implementation and integration of marketing solutions that drive successful customer outreach efforts for our clients.

Custom Software Solutions

  • Web, mobile, and cloud, we have all of them covered

  • Outcome-focused, agile processes for faster & flexible deliveries

  • Efficient architecture to accommodate emerging tech and changing business environment

  • Long term approach for stability and scalability

We have a rich history of providing reliable, high-quality solutions for your specific needs. We understand that creative business strategies need equally innovative support of technology components. What gives us an edge is our capability to envisage the requirements from your point-of-view, and then design and architect solutions around those needs. We go beyond technological boundaries to provide you with unique, seamless, comprehensive solutions. Solutions that we have delivered have helped the business achieve its strategic and tactical objectives.