Whether you need a software solution for your brick-and-mortar or an e-Commerce business, we bring our experience of delivering a wide range of use cases to you. Our team members are also experts in a wide variety of technologies that help you build robust retail solutions.

  • Solutions for physical storefronts, eCommerce as well as mobile commerce requirements

  • End-to-end capabilities to handle everything from supply chains to inventories and payments

  • Integration capabilities for interoperability with specialized external systems

  • Customized solutions as well as the implementation of off-the-shelf systems


What We Do

Brick-And-Mortar Stores

  • PoS solutions that help manage all types of payments seamlessly

  • Ensure smooth logistics through custom solutions as well as integrations

  • Manage your inventory with smart capabilities that ensure automatic as well as manual reconciliation

  • Manage all aspects of your store operations from purchasing to operational oversight

Provide your physical stores a technology backbone to facilitate optimized operations. From back-office processes to customer engagements, we help you develop and implement tools that are crucial for your smooth operations propelling your growth.

eCommerce & mCommerce Solutions

  • Bring everything from order management to payments processing on web and mobile

  • Smart campaigning, recommendations, and targeting on various dimensions including locations, age, and others

  • Advanced analytics and visualizations for better understanding of what is working and what is not

  • Flexible, and adaptable solutions that work nicely with other systems

Solutions for retail eCommerce and mCommerce go much beyond just the storefronts. From recommendation engines to managing logistics & deliveries, complexities of cutting-edge commercial solutions are endless. We bring our vast experience to the fore for our clients to ensure that while we take care of these complexities, you are free to grow your business.