eLearning is a recent phenomenon. But Achieve3000 is delivering the learning by leveraging technology for over 20 years now. It has continuously facilitated educators’ transition to smart learning via a wide variety of technological solutions. They are especially active in foundational literacy initiatives for young students.

We leveraged the Python stack that includes Wagtail and Django to establish the online showcase of the services and solutions they offer. The customer-facing interfaces enable the administrators and teachers to identify how Achieve3000 can help in their teaching endeavors by utilizing Achieve3000 solutions.

Mobile App


Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) works to ensure excellence in governance for local schools. It works towards providing leadership, advocacy, and services to Georgia’s elected boards of education. It undertakes many initiatives to further the overall education in Georgia.

GSBA Hub is a social network and community of its kind for the GSBA stakeholders. The community, in the form of mobile applications on iOS and Android, provides a way for GSBA members to interact and discuss a wide gamut of concerns. The apps ensure information availability and management facilities for projects, initiatives, and tasks.



Recchiuti is a leading confectionery in San Francisco, that has been serving foodies for the last 20 years with its handmade chocolates. It has made its own special place in the confectionery scene by bringing out innovative flavors from local ingredients. And it was our pleasure to ensure that customers could enjoy Recchiuti’s unique flavors from anywhere. We leveraged the power of Shopify to provide an equally pleasurable eCommerce experience to their customers as their chocolates and confections.



A company that has launched and promoted numerous hospitality brands, wanted a partner to help bring their own brand to people effectively. A formidable name in bringing hospitality brands to life through research, strategy, experience, and knowledge, it has been around since 2004 with an extraordinary team.

BillionApps crafted their website experience to reflect the capabilities, through aesthetics, architecture, and performance. We leveraged Wordpress to ensure that the public face of the Stellabean reflects their brand values and capabilities.



A unique concept that brings Social Emotional Learning to the fore, 7Mindsets provide online educational solutions and courses. Solutions for K-12 students, professionals, as well as school district educators and leadership, ensure that 7Mindsets is able to address the entire ecosystem.

We worked with them to redefine the user experience on their website to facilitate the customer journey effectively. The UX we talk about is more than just the aesthetics. We improved their information architecture, and also worked on ensuring that the website functions optimally when it comes to the performance through expert tuning of Wordpress stack that powers the website.


Simbli - eBoardSolutions

eBoardSolutions provides solutions that help school boards manage their efforts effectively. From collaboration to administration and compliance, Simbli has been a leading board management solution for over a decade now.

In a long-standing partnership with eBoardSolutions, we take care of their corporate website. Our work includes design, feature development, scalability, availability, and performance management of their Wordpress site. We also ensure discoverability through SEO, thus help eBoardSolutions reach all relevant stakeholders easily.



BelliCum is a leading clinical-stage biopharmaceutical innovator in the cancer treatment arena with its Cellular IO based platform. They develop product candidates in cellular immunotherapy, with a focus on CAR-T and CAR-NK therapies.

We created a completely new Wordpress theme for their website, developed & deployed it, and did the performance tuning. Again, we leveraged Wordpress to establish a web presence for Bellicum.


TG Therapeutics

TG Therapeutics is a leading healthcare research company working towards finding better treatment options for patients with B-Cell diseases. With quite a few options under active clinical trials, TG Therapeutics has the potential to achieve the break-through in novel treatments.

As mobile support becomes critical for web presence, BillionApps implemented a complete overhaul of the website for TG Therapeutics to better serve mobile visitors. We customized their Wordpress installation to ensure a pleasant experience for their readers using mobile to access the site.


Unlimited Cellular

Active for over 15 years, Unlimited Cellular is a trusted name when it comes to mobile accessories. With clientele in multiple countries, their need was to have an eCommerce solution that would handle the complexities of doing business globally.

We utilized 3DCart, a specialized eCommerce solution to develop and optimize the online portal for Unlimited Cellular. We continue to be their partners to ensure the troublefree business even with growing complexities and loads.


Beatle Brunch

The site and the show rekindle the nostalgia for Beatles fans and introduce the musical magic to the younger generations. It builds the community around the old shows, popular concerts, new releases, and often unheard music, member connections, and live chat session.

We developed the website as well as the community & members portal from scratch using Wordpress. We developed the functionality, implemented the UI & UX, and have been helping the client run it smoothly ever since.


Blue Ridge Parade of Homes

Blue Ridge Parade of Homes is a unique event that connects the builder community with the buyers through a parade. This is an annual two-day event taking place in Blue Ridge, Georgia. This is a self-guided tour where participants can take a tour of the properties.

BillionApps leveraged the power of WordPress to enable a smooth experience for the participants. The website allows participants to obtain requisite information about every aspect of the parade. The website also offers a complete booking flow for the parade, including online payments, confirmations, and related communication. We uplifted the UI/UX to facilitate efficient user interactions.


Campus Benefits

Campus Benefits is an established service provider to manage employee benefits for educational institutes in the US. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia in 2009, it has become a leading name in this space.

We built their web presence from ground up. We designed the entire site from wireframes to the actual implementation. Continuing to leverage the WordPress platform for quick and cost-effective delivery, we also added another client in the Education sector.