Business growth
through deep subject
matter expertise

Reduce redundancies and make workflows efficient

BillionApps has served clients across a breadth of business domains. Through our comprehensive and continuous association, we have acquired deep subject matter expertise. This expertise translates into delivery efficiencies by;

  • Helping clients optimize workflows through effective technology adoption

  • Reducing process redundancies through automated workflows across functions and solutions

  • Providing an integrated, unified view of data for analysis and decision making through pervasive integrations

  • While we have worked a variety of companies and domains, the following are our core focus areas.


What We Do

For Future Generations


  • Custom & Off-the-shelf Learning Management Solutions

  • Hybrid solutions for effective learning delivery

  • Solutions that facilitate continuous feedback & evaluations

  • Breaking the cost, geographic, and location barriers

The cost of education is rising across the world, coupled with a growing dissatisfaction with the education system. Educationists and students are looking at technology as the answer to solve these issues. The adoption of technology-powered solutions is growing, as is evident by the rising popularity and success of MOOCs.

BillionApps has been at the forefront to empower educational institutes and students to leverage technology for their needs. From administrative functions to student engagement, learning delivery, and evaluating the effectiveness of learning, we have provided solutions that have been embraced successfully by teachers, administrators, and students alike.

Managing Processes To Make Money

Financial Services

  • Compliance & security driven financial services solutions

  • Policy governance through implementation of best industry practices

  • Facilitating auto-remediations through zero-touch automation

  • Solutions through deep domain experience

The financial sector is one of the early adopters of technological advances. But events like recessions and economic meltdowns have continued to pose newer challenges. Rising customer expectations for better financial solutions and more transparent operations are forcing financial services businesses to deploy technology in new ways. We are front-runners in providing solutions for analytics, banking, risk & compliance management, wealth management, and credit management for clients in the financial services domain.

With our expertise in delivering solutions for the Financial Services sector, we ensure shorter delivery time for client services, regulatory compliances, and transaction security. Our solutions help you increase the productivity of your team via seamless workflows. We help you reduce costs and increase profitability via integrated technology solutions.

So you can care for patients


  • Solutions that are flexible yet respect HIPAA compliance requirements

  • Interoperability solutions for easy, yet secure PHI management

  • Care solutions that frees HCPs from administrative burden

  • Facilitating overarching integration between the entire healthcare eco-system

Healthcare is another critical area where technology is making a difference. The innovations in Computer Vision, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have opened up possibilities of addressing critical problems. But there are still challenges of data availability, patient outreach, compliances, and collaboration.

Our team has designed and developed the solutions by creatively using technology to overcome many of these challenges. Hospitals, care providers, and patients have benefitted from them, and we continue to further our capabilities in this area.

Even small transactions matter


  • Custom as well as off-the-shelf solutions

  • From Supply-chain to point-of-sales solutions, we cover the entire spectrum

  • Solutions for Brick-&-Mortar businesses as well as e-Commerce companies

  • Advanced solutions for integrations, analytics, and forecasting

Technology will be the differentiating factor for the retail industry as the nature of customer engagement is changing. It is an industry where customer feedback is direct and often swift. Negative sentiments can damage reputation and revenues. Through our expert solutions, we help retail companies to manage expectations better and respond proactively to customer needs, thus playing a catalyst to your business growth.