Health Care

Healthcare challenges across the world are growing. In addition to the core patient care requirements, you also have compliance, administration, and technology challenges. BillionApps develops solutions for healthcare providers, management, and patients such that the caregivers can focus on the essential part, caring for patients.

  • Comprehensive solutions complying with global healthcare standards

  • Facilitate technology-enabled care

  • Better patient & revenue management

  • Deep insights for better decision making


What We Do

Remote Medical Care

  • Secure solutions to protect patient privacy

  • Easy to use for a vastly diverse user segment

  • Smart scheduling, notifications, and tracking features

  • Use of Conversational AI & NLP for better collaboration & information extraction

As technology advances, it is increasingly becoming possible to extend top-quality medical care to even the remotest areas. The penetration of mobile devices has further ensured that preventive and recovery care can also be strengthened by empowering patients. We develop and integrate systems that enable such remote and self-care.

Electronic Health Records

  • Solutions that adhere to regulatory policies, guidelines & standards

  • Configurable workflows for your unique needs

  • Bi-directional integration facilities that facilitate easy information exchange

  • Secure, yet accessible complete Patient Health Information

With compliance and privacy at the center stage of patient information management, we at BillionApps help develop a system that provides advanced, smart workflows, and record management capabilities. The best practices that we bring to the development of EHR and EMR systems help healthcare organizations achieve process efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

Hospital Information Systems

  • Allows for management of all departments, patients, and staff with ease

  • Better & transparent revenue and stock management

  • Paperless billing and payment options

  • Advanced reporting for better decision making

The solutions developed for those who manage other people's health. From admissions to discharge, and from pharmacy to inventory, we have developed solutions that have solved the information & process needs for the hospital staff. Secure, compliant, and scalable; our solutions can be integrated with external systems and extended with additional functionality with ease.