The technology is going to define how education will be delivered in the future. Whether for K-12 or college, whether professional and vocational training or life skills, technology will be an integrated component for any kind of learning. With BillionApps, we ensure that the best technology implementations support your EdTech initiatives.

  • Facilitate online, mobile, blended, or even in-person learning via technology

  • Bring integration between physical and virtual components to life for enhanced learning experiences

  • Leverage existing & emerging IoT, AR, and VR capabilities for better education design

  • Build smart solutions that ensure continuous and accurate evaluations & omnichannel feedback


What We Do

Learning Management Solutions (LMS)

  • Facilitate blended learning

  • Allows for advanced digital assessments

  • Integration of AR/VR technologies

  • Extensible to mobile devices

We design and develop learning that helps teachers and students achieve their learning objectives seamlessly. Through the flexible and extensible architecture and use of cloud technologies, our solutions allow for easy integration of content, tools, and services. Our solutions cater to various teaching needs and adapt to the unique requirements of teachers and students alike.

School Management Solutions

  • Mobile apps for always accessible information

  • Smart reporting for better insights and decision making

  • Intelligent scheduling and management features

  • Multi-channel communication for parent-teacher collaboration

We build cloud and on-premise solutions that take away the complexities of managing modern-day schools and educational institutes. From admission to results, we cover the entire lifecycle of a student and allows school management better visibility and control over every school activity.

School Board Management Solutions

  • Smart document management and workflows

  • Intelligent meeting management features

  • Design that promotes transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness of school boards

  • Customized & secure governance solutions

Modern education management needs empowerment for leaders through the right technology, insights, and processes. We design and develop solutions that boost the governance for school districts and communities, thus ensuring a better reach for education.