Leverage technology
for strategic

Through transparent and quick service delivery

Our team designs and delivers innovative applications by leveraging our experience, skills, and processes. We have gained deep industry-insights by working with a variety of domains, and we bring this knowledge to ensure that you meet your core objectives. Our technical expertise ensures that the team can tackle any challenge to provide you with a quality solution.

  • Broad industry and technology experience

  • Transparent collaboration & project management processes

  • Architecture based on sound design principles

  • Focus on balanced interaction design and aesthetics


What We Do


  • A breadth of in-built features to solve all your eCommerce needs

  • Secure and reliable with dependable support

  • Easy to customize and extensible via a massive apps eco-system

  • Marketing and SEO friendly

Shopify is a versatile platform that supports all eCommerce and point-of-sale functions. BillionApps team build solutions on and around Shopify, that allows you to leverage the power of Shopify to its full extent. With our Shopify development, migration, and integration services, your eCommerce efforts provide you unmatched returns on your investments.


  • Out-of-the-box B2B and B2C functionality offers immense flexibility

  • Unparalleled support for up-selling and cross-selling

  • Intelligent filtered search capabilities

  • Supports advanced merchandising & segmentation, inventory management, and promotions management

BillionApps has a strong command over Magento2 development and customization to ensure that your eCommerce platform stands out. From extensions development to integrate with other business systems, we have developed solutions that have helped clients achieve their business objectives efficiently.


  • The most popular, most used eCommerce system in the world

  • Excellent ease of use while still being robust and modular

  • Supports all types of physical & soft products and services

  • Built-in powerful analytics

What started as a WordPress plug-in just like others, had today become a considerable eCommerce eco-system in itself. With our expert services, we help you transform your WordPress sites into eCommerce sites by leveraging the power of WooCommerce. We also have customization capabilities to use WooCommerce that suits your unique context and needs.

Custom Solutions

  • Improves customer engagement, conversions, and reduces churn

  • Correctly handles your processes and workflows for complete control

  • Easier integration with other business systems

  • Handle post-sales workflows more efficiently

There are times, though, that none of the available platforms and solutions match your needs perfectly. BillionApps brings unique and practical insights from our experience to build a completely customized solution for you. From payment gateway integration to powerful analytics, our solutions still give you the same capabilities as off-the-shelf solutions, but in a much more efficient manner.