Custom Software

We have a rich history of providing reliable, high-quality solutions for your specific needs. We understand that creative business strategies need equally innovative support of technology components. What gives us an edge is our capability to envisage the requirements from your point-of-view, and then design and architect solutions around those needs. We go beyond technological boundaries to provide you with unique, seamless, comprehensive solutions. Solutions that we have delivered have helped the business achieve its strategic and tactical objectives.

  • Web, mobile, and cloud, we have all of them covered

  • Outcome-focused, agile processes for faster & flexible deliveries

  • Efficient architecture to accommodate emerging tech and changing business environment

  • Long term approach for stability and scalability


What We Do

Enterprise Solutions

  • A holistic approach for end-to-end process improvement

  • Focus on facilitating data-driven decision making through smart, practice reporting & analytics

  • Focus on streamlining the processes to optimize the information flow and decision making

  • Built with sound architecture with security, performance, and scalability in mind, yet flexible to respond to fast-changing business scenarios

As we move towards an edge where the speed of the innovations will be the differentiating factor, no organization can afford to bind itself into productivity tangles. Organizations will need to implement smart systems that are integrated, automated, and optimized. BillionApps, through its deep understanding of the business domains, has always provided intelligent, creative solutions that have helped organizations gain a competitive edge. We have also helped companies roll out new product and service offering with the optimized go-to-market timelines.

Consumer Applications

  • Driving engagement through carefully built experiences

  • Drive marketing and customer outreach efforts through diverse communication channels

  • Strategically promote products and services through well-crafted campaigns and value delivery mechanism

  • Obtain valuable insights through usage and behavior analytics

Whether your product is a web or mobile application, an FMCG product, or services like consulting or travel & tourism, well-developed applications provide an excellent connection and engagement platforms, so that your consumers become your brand ambassadors. We developed smart, innovative consumer applications that allow your customers to derive enhanced value through the applications. This value drives long-term loyalties and revenues.

eCommerce Solutions

  • Tailor-made for the audience, geographies, and products

  • Can be supported by intelligent, cutting-edge algorithms including ML & AI

  • Encompasses the entire spectrum of eCommerce operations from sourcing to the last-mile delivery

  • Enhanced by the domain best practices, innovative, futuristic capabilities, and unparalleled

BillionApps helps you bring innovation to the eCommerce through customized, bespoke solutions. Through such customized solutions, BillionApps enables you to optimize your supply & delivery chains, promote cross-selling and up-selling, and facilitate customer loyalty. Whether you are in vertical or horizontal eCommerce, we can craft the solutions that are just the right fit for you.