Leverage technology
for strategic

Through transparent and quick service delivery

Our team designs and delivers innovative applications by leveraging our experience, skills, and processes. We have gained deep industry-insights by working with a variety of domains, and we bring this knowledge to ensure that you meet your core objectives. Our technical expertise ensures that the team can tackle any challenge to provide you with a quality solution.

  • Broad industry and technology experience

  • Transparent collaboration & project management processes

  • Architecture based on sound design principles

  • Focus on balanced interaction design and aesthetics


What We Do


  • Migrate applications, websites, databases, storage, or servers to AWS

  • Develop serverless applications

  • Integrate with messaging & communication services including SES, SNS, SQL, and MQ

  • End-to-end capabilities for maintenance, performance optimization, security & scaling of your cloud infrastructure

Whether it is the computing or storage, or databases or elastic search, BillionApps team has all-round expertise on AWS development, migration, and integration. We have built server-less apps as well as backends with micro-services architecture. Whether you an enterprise planning to move your on-premise data centers to AWS cloud, or a startup looking to launch your product powered by AWS, we can bring immense value to your projects.

MS Azure

  • Leverage C#, .NET, Python & Node.js for Enterprise applications

  • Multi-tenant cloud applications using Azure PaaS

  • Faster development cycles due to integrated development environments

  • Integrated security, disaster recovery, and scalability

A critical component of Microsoft’s growth strategy, Azure provides capable and mature cloud services. With BillionApps, you can utilize the Azure cloud capabilities to power your apps and solutions in a cost-effective manner. We design, develop, migrate, and maintain your infrastructure & solutions to leverage the excellent capabilities offered by Azure.

Google Cloud

  • Layered infrastructure, security, integrated and intelligent monitoring and control

  • Availability of development tools to standardize development flow across platforms

  • DevOps capabilities out-of-the-box

  • Everything you need to make your infrastructure and applications future-safe

With Google Cloud, you get fantastic cloud capabilities out-of-the-box. Google leverages its all-round capabilities to bring a plethora of solution components to ease your infrastructure and application challenges. Google’s hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities enable you extraordinary flexibility about deploying your apps.