Cloud Computing

Rising business complexities, increasing reliance on technology, and complex technology infrastructure meant that businesses had to spend extra efforts and money behind ensuring smooth operations. Cloud computing, with pay-as-you-go models that help you control your costs better, and easier scalability and availability options, meant growing adoptions. Market leaders are basing their strategies with Cloud computing featuring prominently as a critical component.

BillionApps has extensive Cloud Computing capabilities to develop robust Cloud solutions for your needs. We develop SaaS applications that ensure availability, performance, and scalability. We guide you to adopt the Cloud Computing components as part of your infrastructure with extreme ease. We also help you adopt DevOps practices and solutions to ensure your deliveries are executed perfectly in sync with your strategy.

  • Public as well as private clouds

  • Cloud implementation & migration

  • Cloud maintenance and support

  • DevOps


What We Do

Cloud Migration

  • Optimize your applications and infrastructure

  • Strengthen your delivery processes

  • Seamless migration for uninterrupted services

  • Before, during, and after migration services for a smooth transition

With our expert services, we enable clients to plan, stage, and deploy their critical applications and infrastructure to Cloud with confidence. Our experienced engineers help clients to seamlessly get up and running on the cloud infrastructure to enable greater security, availability, scalability, and performance for their apps. We collect and analyze configuration, usage, and behavior data from your servers to plan a cost-effective and efficient cloud infrastructure for you.

Cloud Maintenance

  • Proactive performance and issue monitoring

  • Periodic re-configurations to boost security, availability, and performance

  • Optimized operational costs

  • Ensure availability for mission-critical applications

BillionApps helps clients ensure that their cloud infrastructure and services are always available and perform optimally. Through our pro-active monitoring and continuous performance optimization effort, we make sure that your cloud investments give you the value you deserve. We conduct periodic re-configuration of your cloud infrastructure based on the monitoring data analysis. We ensure that your cloud infrastructure is as reliable as it should be.


  • Improve delivery timelines

  • Decrease failures for new releases

  • Quicker fixes and recovery

  • Faster time-to-market

Our services help clients remove inefficiencies in their software delivery processes, and improve the quality and reliability of applications. With our expert team, we can handle all aspects of DevOps, including infrastructure management, configuration management, code inspection & integration, and automation. We help the client implement DevOps capabilities from scratch or complement your existing workflows.