Hire Dedicated Developers


‘Hire dedicated developer’ means a developer or designer working as your own employee, but sitting at our office. It’s a huge cost saving. It reduces many costs to you such as recruitment cost, employee benefits, infrastructure costs, etc., and still, the resource works exclusively on your projects alone.

If you are a design agency or development agency that has loads of work and do not want to hire an in-house developer or to just outsource, engaging a dedicated developer is your best option. You would not have overheads and would still retain control over the development activities.

How it works:
  • You hire a dedicated developer with the required technology skills and expertise level who would work only on your projects.
  • The developer would communicate with you through the medium (Basecamp, Trello Skype, Hangout or Gmail) you prefer to use.
  • The developer gets the requirements from you, develops your webpages/website, tests and updates you on the progress.
  • As complementary support, a project manager will overview the developer assigned to you, to ensure smooth progress.
  • You can choose your priorities, review, comment and get the project done as per your need, utilizing the technology expertise, skills and overall experience of your dedicated developer.
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  • The communication is faster, clear and transparent. YOU are on TOP of the project progress.
  • The developer understands you well and delivers exactly what you need, in a short time.
  • Save 40% cost comparing to hourly or project based costs.
  • Time flexibility: You can get the developer to work partly or fully as per your time zone to suit your convenience.
  • No big investment or overheads of having full-time employees at your office. You save thousands of dollars achieving similar results to having your own in-house developer

We believe in results and ensure that you receive value worth more than you paid for. Try for a week and signup at your satisfaction.

“Dedicated Developer” is a profitable model to get your projects done cost-effectively. You can be confident as you know that results are guaranteed and, what’s more, on time.

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